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2/52 – Storytelling

The theme for the this week of the M4HProject52 is “Storytelling” I must say I’ve been a little stumped with this theme. I’ve been looking at the other photos being posted in absolute awe… and sometimes...

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A reunion of sorts

I’ve been out of school for a long time. I had kind of forgotten how long it was, until I got invited on Facebook to a reunion event… then calculated the years… and opened a bottle of wine. It’s been 25...

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A story from my childhood

  Today’s topic is “tell a story from your childhood” Oi really, do I have to? LOL! That was very long ago, you do realise how old I am right?! I don’t think you’ve heard these on this...

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3 favourite photos

Today’s topic is  “Favorite photo you’ve taken (or top 3)” So, that’s kinda impossible! LOL! So I’m going to post 3 of my favourite photos of the boys from this year, taken before today. 1. This...

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I’m Jeanette, known as Jenty online. Mom to 2 teenagers. Also a coffee loving, wine drinking, storytelling photographer who happens to run a bit.

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